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Concept Designs, Inspired Designs, custom homes, unit developments

Concept Designs

Do you have a block of land waiting for its potential to be unlocked? Whether you are dreaming of a single storey home or a multi-unit development, or even an extension to your current home - we can design it!


Meeting with one of our Designers is where the journey begins, whether this is in person or online. We love sketching and designing with our clients, developing your initial idea with your input into something unique and exciting. We listen to your brief, budget, thoughts and ideas, guiding you wherever necessary. We understand that designing within a budget is extremely important and do our best to do so.

Our talented Designers come from a Drafting background. They have the construction knowledge that comes from completing detailed working drawings that are used on site. We regard this as an extremely important skill for a Designer to have as it will ensure your project works as well on site as it does on paper.

We specialise in custom one-off designs for an array of Class 1 and 2 projects, including but not limited to; single storey, two storey, unit developments and multi-unit developments. Once your design is complete, you are welcome to take it to any Builders of your choice for quotes.

3D Renders

This is where the fun really begins - bringing your home or development to life!


With our 3D software, our clients have the option to take a virtual tour of their project. We are able to provide a life-like walkthrough where we model the development in 3D from top to bottom. External and internal rendered images can also be created from this model. An animated video to take home is also possible upon request.


This is a priceless tool in the designing stage as it helps our clients visualise every aspect of their home or investment by getting a better feel for the space and layout as well as the overall look including colours, materials and styling. This ensures that you know exactly what you are getting before it is even built! 

We love showcasing projects in 3D and seeing the joy on our client's faces!

Even though this is a lot of fun, our 3D renders can also be used for more serious matters such as Artistic Impressions for Marketing and Real Estate purposes. Whether you're looking to build and sell, or sell from the plan, we can provide Artistic Impressions that will benefit these services.

Concept Renders, 3D Renders, External Renders, Internal Renders, Inspired Designs, custom homes, unit developments, Marketing
Council Approvals, Estate Approvals, Engineers, Inspired Designs, custom homes, unit developments

Council Approvals

Leave the approvals to us.

If you opt to utilise this service, we will collate all of the documentation required for Planning and Building applications, submitting to the local council on your behalf.

We have a network of consultants that we work with to obtain these documents, such as; Engineers Details, Energy Certificates, Bushfire Attach Level Reports and Estate Approvals.

With our thorough knowledge of the R-codes we can decipher and interpret the requirements based on the specific zoning. We aren't afraid to push the boundaries, and will happily provide written justifications for submission where necessary. We will also determine whether any Local Planning Policies are relevant to confirm compliance. 

Working Drawings

Working Drawings are like the building instructions of your project.

Whether we have designed your project with you from the beginning or you have brought your own design to us, we can finalise your plans with all of the integral information required for Council and Construction.

Our experienced Drafting Team has extensive knowledge of all current building codes, requirements and construction method - including traditional double brick and steel/timber lightweight. At Inspired Designs we pride ourselves in providing clear and concise plans to ensure a smooth process during construction.

Our Working Drawings include; Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Details, Sections, Cupboard Layouts and Electrical Plans.

Working Drawings, Plans for Construction, Inspired Designs, custom homes, unit developments

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